About us

Living an healthy lifestyle is the most important and effective form of prevention.

However, sedentary behavior is a serious matter in our society. We believe that the main reason is the lack of motivation.

In 2017 a group of under 30 years old's guys founded Healthy Virtuoso: the aim was to help everybody to take care of themselves. To do so, we take the guide lines of World Health Organisation, that suggests to take at least 10.000 steps every day and make at least 600 minutes of physic activity.

We work to understand the best way to help everybody, not just the sport people. We enhange gamification to create a Virtous community.

Finally, in 2019 we official launched Healthy Virtuoso.


How does

it work

Healthy Virtuoso is the free mobile application that incentivizes and rewards healthy lifestyle.

Every correct behaviors - like steps, physic activity, meditation, sleep and so much more, allow you to gain daily credits, 

Furthermore, we rewards the perseverance. The average of the steps taken in the last 30 days will determinate your level: to reach the level 10, you need to take an average of 10.000 steps per day in the last 30 days and 600 minutes of physic activity in the last month.

the rewards

Healthy Virtuoso rewards you with voucher, discount codes and free products, provided by our partner.

All of our rewards will help you to live an healthier lifestyle, to take care of yourself or to save money from daily purchases. 

Some of our partners are Garmin, Withings, Gima, La Feltrinelli, Foodspring, The Protein World, and many others.

Healthy Virtuoso
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Find out more about Healthy Virtuoso: download the App and discover Health Challenges and all the rewards you can get