Regulation Healthy Virtuoso's Christamas Challenge

christmas challenge


  1. Christmas Challenge is the initiative promoted by Healthy Virtuoso with the aim of incentivizing people to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Rewards will be given based on the final ranking of the Christmas Challenge, shown in Healthy Virtuoso app.

  3. The ranking will be determined on the number of credits earned at the end of the Challenge.

  4. Healthy Virtuoso's credits are given on the base of healthy behaviors. For more information regarding how people earn credits, click on "How to get credits" page.

  5. Every suspicious or fraudulent behavior will be punished with the immediate exclusion from the Challenge.

  6. All the participants could be asked to proof their behaviors. The proof can be sent through email at or Direct Message at Healthy Virtuoso Facebook page.

  7. Christmas Challenge starts on December 2nd and finishes on December 16th. Only the credits earned within this timeframe will be considered valid for the ranking.

  8. Everybody can join Healthy Virtuoso's Christmas Challenge, by inserting the code VIRTUOSO