Virtuoso is the first application that, through the data generated by the smartphone, remunerates and rewards users who demonstrate a healthy lifestyle.

"Human Health"

Means a state of complete physical, mental and

social well-being

How it works?


Virtuoso is connected directly and only with Apple Health App.


Your data as steps, activities or calories are directly send by Health to Virtuoso and you only need to connect your favourite Apps to Health.


Apple Health collect your activities as Workout, Runtastic, Strava and other fitness app can help you to achieve your goals. 

Check if your smartphone, smartwatch or fitness tracker is able to be connected with Google Fit or App Health iOS.


Some activity trackers record steps and calories but not activities and trainings as "Workout" on Google Fit or Health.


In these cases is better contact directly the customer service of Your product. 


Google Fit

For Android, Virtuoso is directly connected with Google Fit.

Your steps, activities or calories are directly sent by Google Fit to Virtuoso and You only need to connect your favourite fintess Apps as Runtastic, Garmin, Polar to Google Fit.