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How Virtuoso works:

What is Virtuoso

Virtuoso is the free mobile application that rewards your healthy lifestyle. On the contrary to many others fitness and sport applications, Healthy Virtuoso doesn't use GPS and it doesn't track directly any activity. It bases only on data coming from Google Fit (Android) and Health (iOS). The aim of Virtuoso is to help people to become more aware of their health status and to understand the importance of a correct lifestyle.

Is Virtuoso available on Android? 

On Android operating system, Virtuoso connects directly only with Google Fit. The application automatically records steps and daily calories. Find out how to sync Virtuoso on Android!

Is Virtuoso available on iOS? 

On iOS, Virtuoso connects directly only with app Health. The application automatically records steps and daily calories. Find out how to sync Virtuoso on iOS!

How do I record my sport minutes?

To record your activities and your workouts on Virtuoso, all you have to do is use one of the many sports and fitness apps compatible with Google Fit or Health App. We highlight the most common Strava, Runtastic and Nike Running. Once you have downloaded the compatible application, don't forget to enable all the permissions for sharing data between your favorite App and Google Fit or Health App, and between Google Fit or Health and Virtuoso App from the settings menu. This will be the only way to ensure that our application can track your workouts and remunerate you daily with credits. If you use iOS, once you have finished your workouts with your favorite apps, make sure that the "Training" entry appears on the Health App, only in this way Virtuoso can keep track of them.


The activities entered in a "manual" way will not be used to credit points or to release the levels. Any attempt at fraud will be punished with immediate exclusion from the application at the complete discretion of the company.

How do I connect my smartwatch or fitness tracker with Virtuoso?


If your smartwatch or your activity tracker uses a dedicated application, make sure it is compatible with Google Fit and Health App, this will be the only way to automatically transmit your activity data directly to Virtuoso. Many devices on the market record the steps, calories burned, sleep and in some cases the heart rate on the App Health and Goolge Fit. Unfortunately not all devices are able to generate the "Training" entry on the Health App and Google Fit and therefore help you achieve your Fitness and Credit goals

How do vouchers work?

From time to time Virtuoso will make free vouchers available to users to spend on the main commercial chains (Amazon, Zara, Netflix, etc.). However, these prizes will be limited in time, in quantity and on the basis of rules, credits and levels with a complete description of the company. Some users may get vouchers before you do. We at Virtuoso will always strive to ensure that as many users as possible are happy and engaged with healthy lifestyles. However, since it is an application, we advise you to keep an eye on "discount" offers offered by our commercial partners, as well as the new vacuum vouchers provided by our team.

How do I register the BMI?

The BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) is automatically calculated by Virtuoso through the age and weight data entered in the application profile (Virtuoso) and within your Health App (ios) or Google Fit (Android). If you have trouble getting to the next level, check that you have entered the data correctly in both apps. Our team is already working to ensure that this process can be simplified as soon as possible.

Difference of Virtuoso data from Google Fit or Health App?

Virtuoso does not directly track any information about your activities. Virtuoso is based solely on data received from Google Fit and the Health App. The scenarios for which it might be possible to find a difference in the steps can be multiple, among these: Your favorite application did not immediately transmit data to the Health App or Google Fit (sometimes it can take up to 24 hours) Your data still needs to be updated by Virtuoso (sometimes the synchronization can take up to 24 hours) The data sent by Google Fit and Health App are different from those shown Mistakes Our team will always do everything possible to ensure that the synchronization can be as correct and consistent as possible with your daily activities. However, in some very exceptional cases, anomalies or problems may occur that may require several days of work to be corrected or fixed. In this case, we ask you to always inform us promptly of any anomaly through the contact form or by email at

Why I can't see all of my credits?

If after logging out, you can no longer see the credits you collected, there is nothing to worry about. It is possible that you have used an email address different from the one communicated during registration. For more information, click here.