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Take steps, play sport, get night sleep and challenge your friends to win the most precious voucher on internet: the Happy New Year Challenge is getting started! Join it and compete with Virtuoso's Community. From Januar 1st to January 31st, be part of the Health Challenge powered by Virtuoso.

You can win €50 Amazon Voucher.

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or click here from smartphone and

You can also open Virtuoso and click on Happy New Year Challenge. For get into the challenge, insert the code "Cmon" and join the Challenge.


the rewards

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HAPPY NEW YEAR challenge

Join for free the new Virtuoso Challenge: click the botton below and compete with the Community on who will get more credits: from Januar 1st, be parte of the 1-month challenge and try to win €50 Amazon Voucher.

Steps, sport, night sleep, meditation, challenges. It doesn't matter how: the most important thing is to get credits. A lot! Adopt a healthy lifestyle and win the most precious gift card.

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how to get credits


See group Challenges and get into Happy New Year Challenge. Click the botton from smartphone to immediately join it, or click on "access with code" and insert the code "Cmon": try to win the Amazon Voucher.


Sign up on Virtuoso and connect the App with Google Fit for Android and Health for iOS. Sync your favourite fitness app with Google Fit or Health and get rewarded for your correct lifestyle.


Steps, physical activity, sleep nigh, meditation, 1vs1 challenge. It's plenty of way you can get credits with. And you can also invite your friends on Virtuoso and gain extra credits!
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