How Virtuoso works:

What is the Virtuosity

Virtuoso is designed to reward both healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviours.

The Virtuosity powerbar shows your active engagement during the week and it is calculated on the basis of your new available credits. The degree of Virtuosity takes into account steps, sports, meditation and sleep.


Other activities that are rewarded with credits, do not contribute to raise your Virtuosity. You will get a notification every time your degree of Virtuosity improves and you will also see the powerbar moving between 4 degrees: Bronze, Silver, Gold e Diamond.


Our aim is to motivate you to be constant week by week. For this reason, every Sunday at 12pm we reset the powerbar and you will have the chance to raise it again thanks to your new activities of the week. As we hope you will at least repeat the results you already obtained, we will maintain your Badge of Virtuosity at your highest level for a week more (i.e., if you get the Silver degree today, next Monday your powerbar goes back to Bronze but your Badge of Virtuosity stays at Silver; the week after, your Badge of Virtuosity may go down to Bronze if you didn’t repeat the same results, or high to Gold if you did better).

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