How Virtuoso works:

how do I level up

Virtuoso was designed to reward both healthy lifestyle and healthy behavior.

Once you have registered and synchronized the app with Apple's Health and Google Fit on Android, you will immediately find out what level of Virtuoso you are.

An indicator will show you what do you need to reach the next level. To find out how to level up, just click on the "how to step to the next level" button.

The levels are based on their monthly average (last 30 days) of steps and sports. If this drops below the averages shown in the Levels section, then you risk falling to the lower step. However, going back up will always be very easy and in full control of the user!


Complete your Personal Profile!

Training minutes must be registered with apps such as Runtastic, Strava, etc. only after they have been correctly synchronized with Health and Google Fit

Any sport related to "walks" does not contribute to the accumulation of sports minutes / hours.

You can always consult the dedicated section by clicking on the gift package at the top right and then on the "Levels" section.