How Virtuoso works:

i don't see credits after log in

With Virtuoso your data is always safe. Even after logout, you can always find your steps and credits at any time. Why don't you see them again after logging in? There is no reason to worry, the solution is very simple.

Healthy Virtuoso is constantly on the move, and works every day to offer you a quick, reliable and simple to use App. Furthermore, to stimulate people to take care of themselves, we think of new features that enrich our platform.


To do this, we always release new updates that aim to resolve the anomalies and improve the Virtuoso App. Just after these updates, it can happen that when you open Virtuoso, it asks you to log in.

Did you log in and did you notice that there are no more credits you had earned up to that point?


It is likely that you have logged in with a different email address than the one you used when registering.

I:In this case there are no problems, just log out by following these steps:


1) Open the Virtuoso App


2) Click on your photo, top left


3) Click on the      button: you can find it at the top right


4) Going to Account, you will find Make Logout


Then, go back to Virtuoso by logging in, entering the email you used during registration.


You don't remember which email address you provided? Don't worry, we're here to help you! Write to and in a few steps we will help you recover your email address.