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From May 4th, in Italy you can have a run or take a walk again. Let us know how did you react! Share on Instagram and Facebook the screenshot of Virtuoso with the steps of the last 7 days, and tag @HealthyVirtuoso: you will receive 500 extra credits! It doesn't matter how many steps you've taken, the important thing is to start again


how does it work?

Weekly steps

Get 500 extra credits: share your Virtuous's week! Here how it works:

  • Open or download Healthy Virtuoso's App

  • See the steps you took in the last 7 days by clicking on "week" as in the figure

  • Take the screenshot

  • Share it via Instragram stories, Instagram Feed or Facebook

  • Earn 500 extra credits!



- You can get the credits just once;

- You need to tag @HealthyVirtuoso;

- We will ask your registration email in order to reward you.

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Run, walk, sleep and play sport and get rewarded: Healthy Virtuoso allow you to earn voucher, discounts and free products thanks to your correct lifestyle. Download for free