How Virtuoso works:

why did i level down?

Virtuoso has been designed to reward consistency in following a healthy lifestyle, maintaining continuity in Virtuous behaviors.

The goal of Virtuoso is to encourage a change and a constant improvement of habits, aimed at long-term well-being and not just on the immediate.


For this reason, the averages for reaching and above all for maintaining the level are counted on the Last 30 days. By reducing the effort in the steps or minutes of sport, you risk losing your level: this is precisely your "Virtuosity" level in the last month

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To monitor the gradual improvement or deterioration of your level, you can refer to the percentage bar located on the app's Home; for a more specific recap of the status of the objectives, just click on "how to scale to the next level".


In this section you will be able to check the average of your steps and the average of the "sport" physical activity performed in the last 30 days, in addition to the number of challenges won and the confirmation of having completed your profile.


In addition, the percentage of achievement of individual objectives is indicated.


Ex. Level 9:

Monthly average Steps 107% (Objective achieved) Average Physical Activity 110% (Objective Achieved)


If you do not keep the monthly average of at least 10,000 steps and 400 minutes, you will risk losing the level you have reached and will have to work hard to earn it again. Many users have already reached level 10 and redeemed hundreds of vouchers and discounts.