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How well do you know Virtuoso? Prove it! Take part to the secondo edition of our quiz and get 50 credits for each correct answer. Earn up to 250 credits: are you ready?


how does it work?

How many credits you can get with meditation? What badge do you unlock by inviting 5 friends on Virtuoso? Answer these and other question: for each correct answer, you'll get 50 credits, up to 250!

If you don't know the answer, no problem: look for it in to Virtuoso's app. Getting credits has never been that easy!



- You can get the credits related to the quiz just once;

- Every correct answer allow you to earn 50 credits;

- Insert your Virtuoso's email to let us reward you

- The credits earned with the Virtuoso's quiz will not be added in the rankings of ongoing Group Challenges.

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Run, walk, sleep and play sport and get rewarded: Healthy Virtuoso allow you to earn voucher, discounts and free products thanks to your correct lifestyle. Download for free