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Take care of yourself: walk, play sport and challenge the community to win the rewards up for grabs!


Earn daily credits with your healthy behaviors like steps, sport, night rest, meditation and so much more. The credits you gain will create the ranking of Special Challenge, which will start on February 17th!

The rewards:

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1st place:

€15 Amazon

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2nd place:

€10 Amazon

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3rd place:

€5 Amazon

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Every participants

1.000 credits


Find out how to join

1) Open the App "Healthy Virtuoso" from Google Play or App Store 

2) Connect Virtuoso to Google Fit (Android) or Health app (iPhone);

3) Click on the image on top-left, then tap "Challenge";
4) Click on "Access with a code" and use the code "WEDNESDAY";

5) Keep a healthy lifestyle every day in order to climb the ranking and win the rewards.

Accept the Challenge, compete with your the community and find out who will be the most virtuous participant!

Please note: you won't see the Challenge until you accept it. 

Save the date: February 25th we will see how it has gone!


In order to redeem prizes and voucher, you simply need to meet the requirements mentioned in the Challenge page and/or in the reward page. Among this requirements:

  - Reach the levels and earn enough credits during the Challenge;

  - Don't leave the challenge;

  - Redeem the rewards based on availability and on your credits.


How it works

Download Healthy Virtuoso app

on your smartphone



Click on this button from your smartphone to directly join the challenge or follow the instruction below and insert the code "WEDNESDAY"

Make sure that all your activities are tracked by your smartphone and visible in Google Fit (Android) and Health App (iPhone). If you use fitness apps and/or wearable (fitness tracker, smartwatch) to track your training and activities, make sure that the App (Garmin, Polar, FitBit) is synced with Google Fit or Health App.

Click on the image on the top left in the App to see the menù

Qr code Challenge speciale.png


Challenge the community and redeem the rewards provided for you.

Click on

Insert the code "WEDNESDAY" and join the Special Challenge.

Live and keep a healthy lifestyle: walk, run, do sport and take care of your health. Please note: in order to get the credits, make sure to always track your activities with one of the Apps connected to Google Fit or Health App.

Train steadily and keep a healthy lifestyle: you will be rewarded.


Save the date: February 25th we will see how it has gone