How Virtuoso works:

how to track the sport ACTIVITIES

Virtuoso was born with the aim of encouraging people to adopt a less lazy and sedentary lifestyle, encouraging them to do more physical activity.

Virtuoso detects "sports" workouts through Apple's Health and Google Fit on Android.


To record your workouts you need to connect the appropriate fitness apps (Runtastic, Strava, Nike + etc.) or fitness trackers compatible with Health and Google Fit.

Check the compatibily of your apps or your fitness tracker with Google Fito or iOS Health.


Some fitness trackers record steps and calories burned properly, but they don't communicate those data to Google Fit or iOS Health. In this case, we suggest you to contact the customer care of the fitness tracker.



Workouts you add manually are not valid on Virtuoso.

Remember to connect your fitness app directly to iOS Health or Google Fit.

**Any sport activity related to "walk" is not valid for Sport section on Virtuoso**

Minutes of sport rewarded by Virtuoso vary from low intensity, average intensity and high intensity. Find out which intensity are your favorite activities by clicking here.