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How to record my activities

How Virtuoso works:

Sync Virtuoso with iOS

Download Virtuoso from Apple Store and open the App.

After you sign in, you will be asked to connect Virtuoso with iPhone Health.

On iPhone, Virtuoso connects only with Health, the iOS application that records automatically daily steps, calories burned and all healthy behaviors such us sleep and sport.

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Sync Virtuoso with Android

Download Virtuoso from Android Play Store and open the App.

After you sign (it will last few seconds) you will be asked to Download Google Fit.

On Android smartphones, Virtuoso connects only with Google Fit, the Android application that records automatically daily steps an calories burned.









Virtuoso collects data from Google Fit, to give you the credits you earn with your daily activities.

In order to track your "sports" minutes, you just have to connect the App you use with Google Fit (such us Strava or Runtustic), and use them during you training.