How Virtuoso works:

training with apple watch

The Training app provides you with updates on your progress during a workout and informs you when you've reached your goal.

Start a workout

Siri can help you to start a workout. Say a sentence like "Start a 5 kilometer walk".


You can also use the app: open the training app, then find the workout that best describes what you're doing. If you don't see your workout, click on More.

 End, pause or block a workout 

To suspend a workout, press the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously.


To resume, press both buttons again. Or swipe right to see the End, Pause or Screen Lock options. To unlock the screen, rotate the Digital Crown. Find out how to suspend or end a swim workout. You can also set up indoor and outdoor running workouts so they are automatically suspended when you stop.


On the iPhone, open the Watch app, tap the Apple Watch panel, then tap Training> Auto Travel Pause.



The workouts entered manually do not contribute to the accumulation of credits. The item "Exercise" generated automatically by Apple Watch does not contribute to the accumulation of credits and sports hours. To generate Sport hours via Health App and via Apple Watch, the "TRAINING" item must be generated on the Health App as shown in the image.